Monday, 30 July, 2007

Beloved Bhagavan - Swami Ramdas

By Swami Ramdas

What shall I say of Him who towers high,
A veritable Everest of spiritual glory,
A resplendent sun who sheds light on all.
He is our soul, our life and sole refuge.
The sage par-excellence dwells on the Sacred Hill,
Arunachala, the abode of holy ones, the Rishis.
His compassionate eyes pour forth nectar on all He sees,
Drowning us in a sea of joy and ecstasy.
Our lives are aflame with divine wisdom
At a moment's touch of His world-redeeming feet.
He is God Himself who walked on earth.
His grace and delight enter our hearts,
Transforming us into His beauteous image.
He belongs to the dizzy heights ;
Still He stands firm on the earth of ours
To redeem and save those who behold
His face reflected in the mirror
Of His toe-nails, which glow with celestial radiance.
The care-worn go to Him and become
Free and cheerful like children at play.
The earnest aspirants approach Him
To return deeply permeated with knowledge eternal.
Verily, to be in His presence is to know
All that exists is Himself, His grandiose being and form.
His unfailing power of love is most potent;
How He draws me to Him is a mystery.
O Lord! like a rudderless boat adrift
On that vast ocean of the world, I wandered
Hither and thither seeking in darkness
The supreme light and goal that liberates life
From galling bondage and depthless sorrow.

Lo! Thy grace drew me to Thy feet
And I came to Thee a vagrant and a beggar.
Thy very sight was burning with the all-consuming
fire of the world.
The instant my head touched Thy holy feet
The fever of my soul left me for ever.
I felt lightness and freedom and peace;
Then Thine eyes, redolent with Thy Infinite Grace
Tenderly looked on me and I was thrilled.
I stood before Thee, a figure of pure bliss,
Fully bathed in Thy divine halo.
Now, I am Thy child, free and happy.
My face is suffused with smiles drawn from Thee.
My life is entirely enlightened
With Thy Love, Knowledge and Power.
Thou art my Mother, Master and Friend, my only
All glory to Thee! All glory to Thee!

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